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Train & Play

      Alabama Volleyball Association ACTIVITIES  (See Registration forms Below)

  • AVA 2 Hour Clinics - A combination of training drills & play open to ANYONE within the age groups listed (regardless of level )

  • AVA Team Camps - Scheduled on an individual basis-please contact Ken Cain at  or 871-2667.

  • AVA Adult Open Play - Coming May 2015 or after - 4 courts for adult (over 18) open play.  Play will be structured to allow different methods of play, such as coed, men's &  women's, and elite/recreation-level play based on attendees

  • Private Lessons - Scheduled on an individual basis - please contact Ken Cain at or 871-2667.

  • SUMMER  CLINICS -   AVA will have 3 - day clinics and single - session clinics throughout May, June and July.      See  REGISTRATION  FORMS  BELOW.


Open Registration forms below  to register for AVA Clinics 


Pay by Credit Card by selecting clinic and click on"Add to Cart"














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